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Property Managemet Bucharest


Bucharest Property Management Agency

We offer, completely free of charge,

professional property management services

, specially designed for investors or owners of apartments located in the city center of Bucharest. Our area of interest includes prime locations such as University Square, Sala Palatului, Balcescu Boulevard, Bratianu, Magheru, as well as prestigious streets like Doamnei, Ion Campineanu, Academiei, Batistei, or Victoriei Avenue.

Our dedicated team inspects the apartments at least once a week to ensure that they are maintained in impeccable conditions, both in terms of functionality and cleanliness. We carefully handle all aspects of property maintenance, guaranteeing that your investment is in reliable hands.

As part of the management agreement, we will have the ability to sublet the apartments to our clients, primarily multinational companies and expatriates, or occasionally discerning tourists looking for luxurious accommodations, ensuring mutual benefits and a beneficial partnership.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your apartment to our

Bucharest property management agency

. We take care of all the complex aspects, while you enjoy worry-free optimal returns on your investment.

20 years experience With over 20 years of experience in

property management in Bucharest

, our company is renowned for its exceptional professionalism in overseeing our portfolio of apartments since 2004. We offer these real estate properties for both short-term and long-term rentals, placing a strong emphasis on delivering top-notch service quality.

Furthermore, we establish partnerships with other property owners who entrust their real estate assets to our management, adhering to the same impeccable standards of professionalism. Our approach to

managing apartments

is characterized by attentiveness and dedication, whether they are under our company's ownership or belong to other individuals.

At the core of our operations lies a fundamental value: professionalism. This value permeates every facet of the services we provide. Our utmost priority is to ensure a flawless and comfortable experience for both apartment owners and our valued clients.

Rest assured, whether you are an apartment owner or a client, our unwavering commitment to delivering

apartment management services

of the highest caliber remains steadfast. Technical Management We ensure that everything is functional and in perfect order in the

apartments we manage

. We take care of a wide range of aspects, including water and gas supply systems, faucets, connections, toilets, doors, the electrical system which includes chandeliers and wall lights, switches, power outlets, appliances, and much more.

We have a dedicated team of qualified professionals who constantly monitor and verify the condition and operation of all essential elements in each apartment. We conduct regular inspections to identify and promptly address any issues.

We make continuous efforts to ensure that all equipment and systems are in proper working condition and that any malfunctions are rectified as quickly as possible. We are here to ensure that everything is in optimal condition.

With us, you can be confident that your properties will be maintained in excellent condition.

Bills payment We ensure timely payment of all utilities and associated fees for the apartments. Our punctuality in making these payments is an essential aspect of the services we provide.

We understand the importance of keeping bills and obligations up to date, and our commitment to property owners is to responsibly manage these financial aspects. In this way, you can rely on us to relieve you of the administrative burden of monthly payments and ensure that all obligations are met on time.

With a rigorous and professional approach, we make sure that all bills and taxes are promptly paid according to the established deadlines. This attention to detail and adherence to financial obligations highlight our commitment to providing

property management services in Bucharest


For us, it is a priority to ensure efficient and accurate financial management of the apartments we oversee, so that owners can enjoy peace of mind and not worry about monthly payments and responsibilities.

Competitive rent We offer our property owners top competitive rents over the years. At the same time, we commit to maintain the apartments in impeccable condition.

Our property owners benefit from continuity in income generation and do not incur financial losses from periods of inactivity. With us, owners can enjoy the benefits of efficient and professional

property management in Bucharest

, with profitable rents, no commissions, and no periods of inactivity. Meanwhile, their apartments will be kept in impeccable condition and achieving steady and sustainable income for them.

Repairs and Renovations We take care of all the necessary repairs in our owners' apartments, whether they are urgent or scheduled. We have highly qualified teams of professionals in various fields, including painters, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters.

Whether it's an unexpected breakdown, planned maintenance or renovation work, we are prepared to act promptly and efficiently. Our team of repair and maintenance experts has extensive knowledge and solid experience in the construction and renovation industry.

We ensure that all repairs are carried out according to the highest quality standards. Whether it's a repair to the electrical system, water system, or the apartment's structure, we have the resources and expertise to solve any problem in a professional manner.

For our loyal property owners, we even offer the option to renovate their apartments at their expense, benefiting from trusted and high-quality services. This is a way for us to show gratitude to the owners who trust us and choose to collaborate long-term.

By using our

property management service in Bucharest

, owners can trust that their properties will receive superior quality repairs and maintenance carried out by experts in the field. We ensure that the work is completed on time, with attention to detail and minimal inconvenience.

Regardless of the type of repair or renovation needed, we are ready to provide professional solutions and ensure that our owners' apartments are maintained in excellent and attractive condition.

Inspection & Cleaning We have our own professional cleaning staff who inspect and clean the owners' apartments at least once a week.

We understand the importance of rigorous and consistent cleaning in the apartments we manage. That's why we have formed a dedicated team of cleaning professionals who are responsible for maintaining the apartments in impeccable condition.

Our cleaning team conducts regular inspections to ensure that the apartments are clean and tidy. Special attention is given to every detail, from furniture to windows, floors, and even common areas.

We strive to provide our owners with peace of mind and the assurance that their apartments will be maintained in an immaculate condition, preserving the value of the property.

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