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10 things to know before you visit Bucharest (2023)

Last updated: 15 August 2023
Caruta cu Paiate

1. Metro is the quickest way around… and the cheapest

The city center stop is “Universitate” or the long form “Piata Universitatii” and offers you a quick link to any parts of Bucharest.
You can buy several passes.
  • 2 trips / 5 RON (~1.01 €)
  • 10 trips / 20 RON (~4.02 €)
  • One day pass / 8 RON (~1.61 €)
  • One week pass / 25 RON (~5.03 €)

2. Parking is available downtown

Public parking is available at street level, in which case is marked with blue lines, or underground.
Each of our serviced apartments in Bucharest are having public parking in front of the building or few meters away.
Install and configure the parking app prior of parking!
  • Underground parking Interparking Inter more info here or Interparking Piata Universitatii more info here.
    Install and configure P-App before parking! and your plate number will be recognized and a 10 percent discount will be applied.
    • 5 RON / 1 hour
    • 40.00 RON / day
    • 330 RON / week
    • 498.00 RON / month
  • Paid parking at street level: Monday to Friday, 07:00 - 23:00. Install parking app from here!
    • 5.00 RON / 1 hour
    • 25.00 RON / day

3. RON is the currency and not Euro

The exchange rate today is 4.97 RON/€.

4. Sundays are not dead

Unlike most European cities, in Bucharest almost everything is open 7 days a week, including Sundays, until late in the evening. Shopping malls and supermarkets are open daily ‘til 22:00. Some small stores close Sunday around 15:00.

5. Supermarkets in downtown

Within 2 minutes walking from any of our apartments there is a supermarket and a 24-hours minimarket, called “non stop”.
The opening hours are daily until 22:00 (excepting Saturday, when it close at 14:00)). Mega Image is the largest supermarket chain and the most present in the center.

6. Open-air food markets are great

The most authentic, older and biggest market in Bucharest is “Obor”. It has a corresponding metro station, “Obor”, which is 2 stops away from “Universitate”.
In the center, there is a good, but smaller fresh produce market, open Thursday to Sunday, located on Str. Edgar Quiet.

7. WiFi & Mobile

All our apartments have fast & reliable WiFi. In the city, almost all places have free WiFi, including in the airport. If you want a Romanian SIM, buy a prepaid one. It’s cheap and comes with mobile data as well.

8. “Caru cu bere” is not overrated

This restaurant in the Old Town, housed in a historical building and it seems overrated on the Internet, but trust us – is a good one.
Us - locals, eat there. No need to make a reservation, just go there and if is full, wait or sit by the bar for few minutes until a table opens up. The prices are fair, the artistic shows are authentic and the house beer is excellent.

9. Vegetarians will not starve to death

Even if Romanian cuisine is mostly meat based, almost all restaurants have at least few good vegetarian options in the menu, from soups to deserts. Even in the supermarkets you will find vegetarian & raw vegan options.
In the center, "Sindbad" (Str. Lipscani nr 19) has very tasty vegetarian options, while "Aubergine" (Str. Smardan nr 33, in Old Town) has good vegan options.
Or you can cook at home, since all our Bucharest holiday apartments have kitchens “ready for cooking”, just buy some groceries.

10. English speaking

The majority of people under 50 speak English, at least at a basic level.
No worries, we do speak English fluently 
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